Our Corporate Values

At LINAGORA, we focus on what is important to us and we progress at our own pace, in a transparent and regular manner. We achieve our success through our own human and business values that we share with our employees, customers and partners.

They set the direction of the company's strategy and give meaning to the daily actions of all the women and men of our teams.

We believe that our products are an integral part of the sustainable digital revolution and we are very proud of it.

They generate a raison d'etre and characterize what can be called the LINAGORA spirit.

It translates into strong values such as: trust, team spirit, conviviality, a taste for initiative, respect for individuals and creativity. The company tones its values with a touch of "fun, enthusiasm and passion. "


Our Human Values

Our values based on our diversity bring us together because we carry a entirely free business.

Our development and the different origins of our employees make it possible to combine our experiences and our expertise.

We are very committed to our employees and their development because we understand that it is a key lever to realize our commercial ambitions without compromising our deep values.

At Linagora, values form a solid foundation in our management and the daily life of our teams.

Design, Innovation and Creativity

It is the essence of our profession. We are the pioneers of digital freedom. Our mission is to provide the best of technological innovation. This quest for excellence is necessary for our accomplishments that support digital transformation.

Family spirit

Because the Linagora spirit allows everyone to grow and flourish professionally. All talents are free to come and join us and develop. Also, we strive to apply our leadership with a shared sense of honesty and friendship.

Respect others

We must earn the trust of our customers and communities. For this, we try to always remain respectful and honest. It is a daily inspiration and collaboration to exchange, measure and progress.

Responsability and Ethics

Everyone carries out his activity with competency and conscience, and commits himself to honor his words and his ideas. To do business is to take responsibility. These strong principles are nourished by the integrity, the respect, the courage and the transparency of each one.

Freedom and Sharing

Be free and independent from the giants of the web but above all see our employees and customers flourish, build together the projects, with perfect respect and a perfect confidence. Freedom, what! Open source is also a global community of enthusiasts.

These 5 shared values mobilize our employees every day to offer the best of the company to its customers, with "energy, passion and always a lot of humor!