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The idea of independence and freedom is essential for Linagora. Firstly because it is inscribed in the DNA of our software and services but especially because it carries the talent and development of all our collaborators.

We are an alternative to proprietary software. We have big projects on the way and to come in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Digital transformation is an opportunity to increase the efficiency of the companies and administrations that are our customers.

Open Source is a vital industry for building software and technology.

Accompany us in our development in France and abroad, we are looking for free talents.

Alexandre ZAPOLSKY
CEO and founder of LINAGORA

About our company

millions euros of revenues in 2016
offices in France and abroad

With our software and services, LINAGORA allows more and more companies and governments to free themselves from the supremacy of software giants.

We publish 100% free and open source software.

Thanks to growing interest by our free software and services, we are in a dynamic growth development in France and internationally. Our customers use efficiently and freely all the software necessary for the good functioning of their organization.

The challenge for our customers is to be able to use the software as they want, modify it or even distribute it. We provide them with technology, they master the know-how.

Many governments and companies have made the steps. Our medium-term vision is to bring to everyone the benefits of free and open source software.

Our software

The development of open source software has undergone a massive change and the model has become one of the pillars of the IT industry. The digital transformation and modernization of companies require a lot of enthusiasm to offer a quick, efficient and adaptable technology to our customers committed to adapt to the changes of the market. Open source becomes inevitable for modern enterprises and projects

We are the French leader in free and open source software. Our vision is to constantly challenge the technological status quo. With our collaborators and managers, we are always looking for the next and best innovative solution to continue our development and meet the needs of our customers.



Below are some of the open source projects we contribute to : 

Digital safe
Mail Server
Enterprise Collaborative Platform
Enterprise Service Bus
Secure file sharing
Identity and Access Management
Enterprise Collaborative Platform

Our customers